The Negative Collection is a unique site that has scoured flea markets and auction houses for forgotten negatives and Kodachrome slides and then makes high quality, limited edition prints from them.

Here at The Negative Collection, we have carefully vetted thousands of negatives and have selected only the very best images that have artistic or historical value.

Each image only produces ten 11x14 and ten 16x20 inch prints. An open edition of 8x10 inch prints is also made available for the casual collector. After the editions sell out, the negatives will never be printed again. Each image carries a stamp on the back indicating that it is an official Negative Collection print as well as a certificate of authenticity.

The prints are made with the archival pigment process on a thick double weight fiber paper that is the standard for contemporary art galleries today. Each print is made to order. Delivery time is two weeks from the date of your purchase.

This is a great opportunity to hang original art work on your wall. And best of all you will be helping save these wonderful images from being lost forever.